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Security of loading and stability of the pallets! Choose the right film!

At ARC you will find all kinds of PE films at competitive prices. The PE film is cut to size; therefore, we always discuss it the needs of the customer to perfectly math the foil with the goods.


PE    Film    on    rolls

PE Film on rolls is mainly used to protect all kinds of goods and to prepare them for transport, or to fold and weld them into covers, pallet bags, suitable for production of bags


Recycled    film

We supply a wide range of PE/foils made of different materials. PE foil can be made from PE-LD or PE-HD material of various sizes and colours. Foils can be manufactured from a new granulate material, or from regenerated (recycled) PE


Top    sheets    (polyethylene    sheets)

PE foil on sheets often serves as a cover for pallets. Top sheets in LDPE and HDPE for the top of your pallets are strong and waterproof. They are suitable for standard pallets of 800x1200mm and 1000x1200mm. These large square sheets of cover foil are available in various t...

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Building    foil

PE foil highly suitable for agriculture and horticulture. Also called silo-foil. Per roll of 50 m and a width of 8 to 16 m. These foils with different thicknesses are available in white / black or green / black